If you have an Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or higher, you can now download Microsoft Office for Android, which like apps on both iOS and Windows Phone, allows you to perform basic editing and viewing of documents. There's a catch though, as the app requires that you sign in with your Office 365 subscription to access its features, including just viewing your files. There's no free edition of the app, nor a standalone version.

Once you sign in though, you'll be able to create Word and Excel documents, as well as view and edit exisiting files. PowerPoint files are also supported just for viewing and editing. On the editing side don't expect any major features aside from basic formatting, making corrections and adding comments.

As far as settings go the app is again quite minimal, with one major difference between the Android and iOS versions being that in Android you can't purchase an Office 365 subscription from within the app. SkyDrive is fully integrated for cloud storage, and if you've already got yourself an Office 365 subscription you're likely already using it for syncing and storing documents.

The app is only available on smartphones. Microsoft says there are no plans for an Android tablet version, suggesting people use Office Web Apps on tablets instead.

Office for Android is currently only available for those living in the United States, although Microsoft says it will be "gradually" expanding the app's availability to a further 33 languages and 117 markets soon. If you want to grab the app, head to the Google Play Store here.