Microsoft is being forced to rename its cloud storage service following an unfavorable ruling in the English High Court which found SkyDrive infringed on a trademark owned by BSkyB. Microsoft planned to appeal the decision which was handed down last month but has since opted against that move in exchange for temporary use of the SkyDrive name.

How long Microsoft will be able to continue to use the SkyDrive name, however, is unknown at this hour.

In a statement on the matter, Sky said they were pleased to have reached a settlement after Microsoft agreed not to appeal the earlier judgment. The company said they will remain vigilant in protecting the Sky brand and will continue to take action against those that seek to use their trademark without consent.

Naturally, Microsoft wasn’t as cheery about the outcome. A published statement from Microsoft said they were glad to have resolution of the naming dispute and will continue to deliver the great service that hundreds of millions of customers expect by providing the best way to always have access to files.

Having to rename the cloud storage service certainly won’t be a deal-breaker for Microsoft although it must be rather bothersome having to do so after it got off to such a strong start. Either way, we have no idea what Microsoft plans to rename the service to. A spokesperson for Redmond noted the scope of the changes won’t be limited to one specific region which means it’ll be a global name change whenever it takes place.