Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday plans to announce several new moves in the business printer market, including unveiling a $799 color laser printer.

Microsoft plans X-Box upgrades in order to make the console system more attractive to users, media center like features such as digital music and video playback are mentioned.

AMD Opteron processors will be used to power digital cinema in Landmark Theatres.

IBM's new baby, Computing "On Demand" project may face serious competition in the not so short term.

April revenues: VIA and SiS see decline, ALi enjoys growth.

Preserving VHS Recordings For Another 20 Years? This is one of the latest installments over at Ask Slashdot, worth a read IMO if you found yourself in such situation.

Franco-American video game publisher Infogrames Inc., in an effort to increase its profile with consumers by reaching back into gaming history, said it would change its name to Atari.