Yesterday we reported that a new gaming handheld based on the Palm OS was to be unveiled today and although the actual hardware still hasn't been shown to the public, GameSpot was able to gather a lot of new details about the upcoming portable gaming console.

Helix, as the device is currently known, consists of a Motorola MX1 ARM9 processor, a graphics chip from ATI, and new audio chips from Yamaha. Other features include Bluetooth technology for wireless gaming, dual SD card slots, dual embedded speakers, headphone support, two rechargeable lithium batteries, USB support, rumble support and a 6.97-square-inch screen with support for 64,000 colors. According to GS editors, Helix should be able to output PS1 level of graphics and also support MP3 and video playback.

Now regarding game developers support - which I pointed out yesterday - big companies such as Activision, Electronic Arts, and Midway are expected to support the platform however that's not been confirmed yet. The device is looking quite good in paper so far, slated for the last quarter of the year, we will probably hear more about Helix as we approach year's end.