Reports surfaced late yesterday that AT&T would be willing to replace a water-damaged Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active as part of a one-time replacement program. The news comes as a number of users have come forward claiming their S 4 Active have fallen victim to water damage.

Samsung has since confirmed the news with a number of outlets, pointing out the Galaxy S 4 Active was designed and tested to adhere to IP67 standards for water resistance. The standard states a device should be able to withstand being submerged in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes.

The handset, like most others, ships with an internal liquid damage indicator that turns a different color when exposed to liquid. This is how manufacturers and wireless carriers determine if a handset has become inoperable due to water exposure when considering warranty / insurance claims.

It's worth pointing out that AT&T will only replace a water-damaged S 4 Active purchased either through their website or in a retail store. Naturally, AT&T will only replace the handset with another S 4 Active. Also, the deal is only available once so in the event that you somehow manage to ruin your replacement S 4 Active, you're out of luck.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S 4 Active not long after the original S 4 hit the market. The handset is functionally identical to the S 4 aside from the fact it is water resistant and carries a different display. It retails for the same $199 as the original.