Aereo's aggressive nationwide rollout continues as the company has announced plans to launch their streaming Internet television service in Dallas, Houston and Miami next month. Miami will be the first city to go live on September 2 followed by Houston on the 16th. Dallas will wrap up the trio on September 23, we're told.

The aforementioned rollouts are in addition to previously announced plans to bring the service to Utah on August 19 and Chicago on September 13.

The service initially launched in New York City last year and now blankets the entire region as well as many surrounding metropolitan areas. It's also available in Atlanta and Boston with plans to cover most major US cities (22 markets) by the end of this year. After these latest additions, Aereo will be in eight markets covering some 60 million people.

Aereo offers a cheaper alternative to pricey cable and satellite packages for those only interested in major television networks. For $8 per month, subscribers can "rent" a tiny antenna belonging to the company that captures local over-the-air programming and beams it to you online. As such, subscribers can watch live television on their computer or any mobile device.

The company even offers an online DVR service with up to 20 hours of storage. That figure can be bumped up to 60 hours for an extra $4 monthly.

When combined with a monthly subscription from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video, it's possible to have access to a wealth of content for far less than you'd pay a cable or satellite provider each month.