Comcast has begun testing a new iOS app that allows its subscribers to access video services through a cloud based DVR. The Comcast Labs DVR app can currently be found in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was originally published back in July but wasn't spotted until just recently because the service has only rolled out to select subscribers.

The official description from publisher Comcast Interactive Media says that the app is intended for customers of the company's new cDVR service, "while in their home behind a Comcast cable modem."

Users can reportedly stream live TV and send recordings to their tablets, phones and other televisions. The content can even be downloaded to mobile devices for offline viewing.

The app appears to be integrated with Comcast's upcoming X2 platform detailed back in June. The X2 set-top box promises to allow users to access content from a cloud-based DVR and is said to be available later this year. Both the upcoming X2 and an updated X1 will feature multi-platform integration, a more intelligent recommendation system, additional web-based content and more nuanced UI customizations.

It is unknown how many subscribers are actually able to access the cloud based DVR at this point. While Comcast is yet to announce an official release date, the timing seems to be in-line with when we are expecting to see X2 systems made available.