Microsoft recently outlined the contents of its new Windows Phone 8 update, known internally as GDR2. The update was first announced back in May and has been rolling out to customers over the past few weeks but there’s been some confusion associated with it on Twitter and in forums.

The update includes a number of new features, one of which being Data Sense, a feature that was previously limited to Verizon customers. The app helps users stay on top of their phone’s data usage in an era when unlimited data plans are fading away. It can also help compress web pages as you browse meaning you can surf up to 45 percent more while consuming the same amount of data as you normally would.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has brought back FM radio support from Windows Phone 7. As the name suggests, this feature lets you listen to FM radio on your phone so long as your handset supports it. Xbox Music is also getting a number of cloud enhancements. It’ll now be easier to download songs to your phone and your collections will sync more often. There are also a number of bug fixes mixed in, we’re told.

GDR2 also includes several tweaks for the camera. Zooming in on high-res photos now looks better and on certain phones, users will now have the option of changing which photo app opens when you press the camera button.

A complete list of changes and updates is available on Microsoft’s blog if you’re interested in the full rundown.