Oracle CEO Larry Ellison recently revealed a number of new products designed to speed up data flow in corporate data centers and across the Internet in general. Chief among them is a new in-memory option for the company's 12c database that promises speed increases of at least 100x at the flip of a switch.

The 12c database launched at last year's Oracle World conference. In summary, it is a database designed for cloud computing that is marketed to large companies like Salesforce, Wikipedia and Yahoo. Using the new in-memory technology, Ellison said data will fly around at "ungodly speeds" and even demonstrated a database that can instantly process billions of searches per second.

Of course, in-memory technology isn't just limited to the 12c database. It can also be used for large companies that are building private clouds of their own. Many enterprise customers in this category use Oracle's database alongside SAP's software. The two are big rivals and in an ideal world, SAP would prefer customers swap out Oracle's database and use their own in-memory database.

Elsewhere, Oracle launched a new server - the M6-32 Big Memory Machine - that includes 32TB of memory which is enough to hold a wealth of data, a database backup device known as the Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance and a backup and recovery cloud service. The latter is intended for clients that don't want their own appliance but would instead prefer to rent it as a cloud service through the Oracle Cloud.