For PlayStation 4 buyers looking to go all-digital, prepare yourself for some massive game downloads. Fergal Gara, head of Sony's UK division, has revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that launch day title Killzone: Shadow Fall will be "bloody big", coming in close to 50 GB with visuals to match its mammoth size.

While 50 GB is no problem for people buying the Blu-ray version of the game - it'll just be able to fit on a dual-layer disc - a 50 GB download is going to take quite some time, even with today's internet connections. For example, the download will take at least five hours on a maxed-out 25 Mbps connection, or 12 hours if you manage just 10 Mbps.

One way Sony is helping to curb the annoyance of waiting for such a massive download to complete is through "Play as you Download" functionality. Also seen on the Xbox One, this feature will allow you to play a portion of the game as it downloads; after the first chapter has downloaded, for example, you'll be able to jump right in while the following chapters continue to download.

Killzone: Shadow Fall isn't going to be the only game that will require a massive download this upcoming console generation. With the caliber of visuals and the scope of in-game worlds going up a notch with more powerful hardware in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, expect game downloads to reach 30 GB+ in the coming years, including on PC.