It certainly has taken its time to appear, but the official Facebook app for Windows has finally appeared in the Windows Store. Available for Windows 8.1, Microsoft's refreshed operating system that launched a few hours ago, anyone currently running the OS can hop into the Store to download it for free.

People have been hanging out for a Modern UI Facebook app ever since the launch of Windows 8 last year, with third party applications filling the gaps while an official app was unavailable. The newly available Facebook app for Windows 8.1 works as you'd expect for an app of this type, allowing you to browse your News Feed, message others, share through Charms, access notifications and more.

Microsoft has also updated a huge range of applications for the launch of WIndows 8.1, from the standard included apps like Xbox Games and News, to optional apps like Movie Moments and Fresh Paint. The Verge reports that a majority of these app updates are simply to improve performance, and don't add many new features, although apps such as Fresh Paint have received redesigns.

App updates and the inclusion of Facebook put the finishing touches on Windows 8.1, which is touted as an OS refresh designed to fix and improve upon Windows 8. With the update now in the hands of the general public, we'll soon be getting an idea as to whether the changes have appeased the often-critical end user population.