Verizon is said to be working on a new tablet known as the Ellipsis 7 according to Twitter account EVLeaks. The person behind the product leaks account even posted a photo of the alleged device which we assume consists of a 7-inch display, a front-facing camera and an incredibly thick bezel.

There may be more here than initially meets the eye, however. A few days ago, FierceCable uncovered trademark applications for "Ellipsis" and "Ellipsis 7" filed by Verizon Wireless. The latter is likely the tablet in question but the former could cover a new service. The Ellipsis application mentioned a wireless communications device featuring transmission of voice, data, image and video.

It all becomes a bit more interesting when you consider rumors that Intel is holding talks with Verizon to hand over control of their Internet TV project. Could the Ellipsis 7 tablet be the first device from the company that would allow for live streaming of television over the Internet?

SlashGear seems to think it's something different entirely. A story published last week suggests the device could be something not unlike a traditional mobile data hotspot that could share data, voice and text over a single plan.

Such a product would be easier for Verizon as they could offer customers a single bill for all of their wireless needs but at the same time, the carrier (and others) make a lot of extra money by adding additional devices to existing plans. Why shy away from that model when it works so well?