Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface 2 that delivers a wealth of improvements across the board. It comes a little less than two weeks after Redmond pushed out a similar update for the Surface Pro 2 although the latest appears to be a bit more comprehensive.

According to the Surface 2 update history page, the November patch includes performance improvements for all Type Cover and Touch Cover versions, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver updates to improve wireless display performance, camera improvements, audio improvements including switching to speaker playback after disconnecting a headset, general system performance and stability improvements and battery life improvements.

The Surface Pro 2 also appears to have received an update on this Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has released an update to the LifeCam driver to increase TrueColor fidelity and an update to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers to enable improved wireless display performance and to further enhance Wi-Fi network performance and stability.

The biggest takeaway from today's updates, however, is no doubt the improved battery life. A similar update for the Surface Pro 2 earlier this month was good for nearly 25 percent more life during web browsing and 16 percent more life when watching videos according to Anandtech.

The updates should be available as of writing through Windows Update. If you have a Surface 2 and notice improved battery life after the update, please do let us know in the comments section below.