Google has finally launched the Google Wallet Card, shoring up nearly a year's worth of rumors that a prepaid debit card was in production. Backed by MasterCard, the Google Wallet Card functions just like any other debit card would except that it's linked to the user's Google Wallet account instead of a bank account.

Cardholders will be able to make purchases online and in the real world in addition to being able to withdraw cash from ATMs across the country. Do note, however, that there is a $5,000 spending limit per day per card and your Wallet security PIN will double as your Wallet Card PIN when making purchases.

The card can be ordered as of writing through your Wallet account or the Google Wallet Android app so long as you've already verified your identity with the search giant. We're told the card will arrive within 10 to 12 days and as an added incentive, shipping is on Google. What's more, there aren't any activation fees or other hidden fees to contend with.

The card will no doubt bolster Google's Wallet service as I suspect many people are interested in using it to make purchases in the real world. But the number of retail locations that accept NFC payments and the number of smartphones that support the technology are few and far between.

Have you tried similar products like PayPal's debit card or are you planning to try the Google Wallet Card?