Apple senior VP of design Jony Ive and his fellow designer Marc Newson sat down with Charlie Rose to talk about a recent charity event the two are involved with.

Ive and Newson have teamed up with Bono's non profit organization Red to auction of items for charity. The two world famous designers have created and curated a select group of functional items for the auction, including a few special edition Mac Pros, ear-pods with gold tips, a Leica M camera, a thermal window for a US Space Shuttle and a number of other non tech related items.

"I mean, design is necessarily supposed to be accessible. And we're now faced with a situation where we're trying to raise money. This is not like art," Newson said in the interview regarding the process the two went through in choosing which items would appear.

You can watch the 40 minute interview below via Hulu. Ive and Newson talk about their design philosophy, how they got involved with Bono and some of the items they have curated for the auction, as well as their long standing friendship and design careers. We also get a quick tour through Sothbey's where the auction was held along with a look at some of the above mentioned items.