One might think that Black Friday or Cyber Monday would be the two best opportunities to score a tablet for cheap but Microsoft is looking to break that mold. That's because Redmond will be offering the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet this Monday for just $99 - the cheapest we've seen this slate offered by far.

Dell's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal on the Venue 8 Pro didn't come close to being as attractive as the upcoming offer from Redmond. Instead of discounting the tablet, Dell elected to include a free case with every tablet sold during last week's shopping bonanza. I don't know about you, but I'd rather save $200 off the top than receive a free case, but I digress.

It'll be difficult for some (and impossible for others) to get your hands on the $99 Venue 8 Pro. While Microsoft will offer the discounted slate online, only the first 100 customers will get it at the reduced price. After the first batch are spoken for, the price will increase to $199 - still a nice deal but not optimal.

It'll also be available for purchase at physical Microsoft Stores across the country although only the first 20 tablets sold at each store will get the full discount. Similarly, the price will shoot up to $199 until the end of the day or stock expires. Unfortunately, given the fact that there are so few Microsoft Stores in the US, this method is only an option for a select few.