There's no denying the growing importance of mobile and the convenience of carrying an Internet-connected device at all times. But as we become increasingly attached to our phones for work and play it's also important that our data is safely backed up and it can be easily moved from one device to another when it's time for an upgrade. Without a proper management suite this can be quite a chore. Enter MoboRobo.

MoboRobo allows you to manage your Android or iOS device from a desktop PC (download here for Windows). Call history, photos, music, videos, messages, contacts, apps and even app data -- everything can be backed up and stored locally as an alternative to cloud-based backups. Users pick exactly what they want to backup and each backup version receives its own folder so you can later restore anything from any previous backup, not just the most recent one.

Aside from making it simple to migrate data between Android devices, MoboRobo can also transfer contacts and message threads from iOS to Android and vice versa.

Its fondness for iOS doesn't stop there but it's limited compared to Android. Provided you have iTunes installed, hooking up your iDevice will give you an overview covering your device's name and firmware version, the amount of storage used, and the number of messages, contacts, apps, images, music files and videos on your device.

MoboRobo can do a lot more than backups. It gives users faster and more convenient access to everything on their smartphone or tablet, using a Explorer-style file manager to move videos, music, and pictures on or off a device with drag and drop ease. Likewise, you can add and edit contacts from your PC, manage playlists (iOS users can skip iTunes!), type notes and send them to your device's notes app or clipboard. Additionally, Android users can make calls from the desktop and send/receive SMS.

When it comes to personalization, MoboRobo provides access to a library of wallpapers that can be loaded onto your device and a selection of ringtones to pick from as well. There's a selection of MoboRobo branded apps that you can load up on your Android device from the MoboRobo software (or download from Google Play), including MoboDaemon to manage your device from a PC wirelessly, an ebook reader called MoboRead, a media player supporting a variety of formats known as MoboPlay, and a home screen replacement called Mobo Live which users can configure with their own widgets, shortcuts, themes, and transition effects.

MoboRobo includes its own curated app marketplace called MoboMarket and a convenient app manager that lets you download and install apps on your mobile devices from the comfort of your desktop.

Download the latest version of MoboRobo for Windows here.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by MoboRobo, manage your Android or iPhone from your PC's desktop - also recommended for smartphone store owners.