Prepare yourselves, a new era of bone crushing, heart pounding, repetition is upon us. The death-filled epic Dark Souls gripped gamers with its grueling, monster-loaded dungeons and macabre landscapes. Now its successor, Dark Souls II, is hopeful to continue the legacy serving up some seriously wicked baddies to pummel you into submission. A new teaser trailer showcases some of the enemies you'll come in contact with, giving us a small glimpse at the terror we can expect this time around.

Just like the original Dark Souls, this game appears as an epic journey, focused on some very imaginative opposition, as well as sprawling, ghoulish environments. The 3-minute long affair gives us a little storyline and a lot of action. We also get a look at some of the in-game graphics. The visuals from the first game left a lot to be desired, but developers are hoping to rectify that problem with their upcoming release. According to an interview with producer Takeshi Miyazoe, Dark Souls II was "developed for PC from the beginning."

Fans of the original game will understand that this series is no small feat, and many of you are probably mentally preparing for the death-fest that you're going to endure when the game drops on March 14th. The title will be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and will drop for PC sometime soon after its console debut.