Nokia's Android-powered device is inching closer to reality, with The Wall Street Journal reporting today that the phone will be officially unveiled at Mobile World Conference towards the end of this month. Nokia already has a press event scheduled during the conference, and it's expected that the company won't be focusing on Windows Phone this time around.

Codenamed 'Normandy', the handset set for launch at MWC allegedly runs a 'forked' version of Android. Instead of running standard Android with Google Mobile Services, Nokia will integrate Microsoft services into their version of the OS and have a separate app store which will feature some of the existing Android app catalogue.

The handset is reported to launch as the "Nokia X", and will feature a Windows Phone-like UI also inspired by Nokia's previous phone operating systems. Applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Vine and BBM are said to run on the OS, although with a separate app store - similar to Amazon's version of Android used on Kindle devices - it's not clear how many apps will be available.

Leaked press renders and images of the Normandy show a phone styled in a similar way to Nokia's Lumia devices, including the usual range of vibrant color choices. The phone is rumored to be low-end, packing just 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. For any more details on what the device will bring to the table, we might just have to wait until it's unveiled at the end of the month.