Just a few of days after Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy, the company announced on Sunday that it has set up a call center to "respond to all inquiries". The call center is set to go into operation on Monday and will only be entertaining calls from 10 AM to 5 PM (Japan time).

Earlier last week, Mt. Gox went completely offline amid rumors of a possible acquisition or insolvency, and on last Friday, during a news conference in Tokyo, CEO Mark Karpeles announced they were filing for bankruptcy protection, acknowledging that the company lost a total of 850,000 Bitcoins (including 100,000 of its own).

While there was a widespread speculation that the funds were stolen, the company blamed  "transaction malleability" – a Bitcoin vulnerability, for the disappearance. Investors are trying their best to recover the losses. According to Mashable, Edelson PC, a Chicago-based law firm, has filed a class action suit against Mt. Gox on behalf of those US-based investors who lost money.

In addition to the call center announcement, Mt. Gox provided a detailed update regarding its application for commencement of a procedure of civil rehabilitation, which the Tokyo District Court accepted today. "We will fully cooperate with inquiries from authorities and investigations related to this matter, in Japan or overseas", the company said.