High-profile journalist Katie Couric will make her debut with Yahoo this Friday. The announcement came via Tumblr post from Couric alongside an invitation to give readers a window into the lives of presidents, heads of state, celebrities and newsmakers of the moment.

As Yahoo's global anchor, she will first interview former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As Couric points out, Bloomberg has never been shy about tacking tough or controversial issues like gun control, smoking and obesity.

It'll be his first public interview since his appointment to the United Nations' special envoy for cities and climate change so we can no doubt expect some chatter on that subject. As for the rest of the interview, Couric invited readers to share questions, photos or videos that they'd like to see the former mayor address during the sit-down session.

Yahoo announced the signing of Couric late last year to fill the role of global news anchor. The deal was months in the making and will feature her segments embedded on her Tumblr account as well as directly on Yahoo's homepage. It's still unclear how often Couric will publish content for Yahoo nor do we know how long the deal is slated to last.

Couric isn't the only signee for Yahoo, however, as Marissa Mayer and company have also snagged David Pogue, Matt Bai and Megan Liberman. Pogue launched a tech news site during the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.