The National Football League's Jacksonville Jaguars haven't been a powerhouse on the gridiron in recent years but fans will no doubt have something to get excited about in the near future. That's because the club has commissioned Daktronics to install a pair of the world's largest LED-lit HD-capable displays at EverBank Field.

In a statement on the matter, Jaguars president Mark Lamping said they owe their fans and the community nothing less than the best and these enhancements will be the best.

Each display - one at each end zone - will measure 362 feet wide by 60 feet tall and feature a 13HD pixel layout. Additionally, each panel offers up 21,700 square feet of active display area which, when combined, is nearly enough to cover the entire field of play.

The displays can be split into 106 x 60-foot sections for multiple, simultaneous replay purposes while smaller spaces will showcase other information like the score, stats, fantasy football updates, advertisements, etc. The screens are also capable of showing a single large image when desirable.

Daktronics is also installing an array of smaller video and ribbon displays throughout the stadium to showcase additional game information and up-to-the-minute statistics.

The company was quick to point out that all of the displays will incorporate multiple levels of protection from the elements. No word yet on when the installation will be completely but I suspect it'll likely be ready for the 2014-2015 season.