Microsoft's OneNote is now available for the Mac but the note-taking news doesn't end there. The software now includes a number of new features but more importantly, the Redmond-based company has made all versions of the software available free of charge.

The software was previously available for free for Windows 8, Windows Phone and via the web. With the addition of OS X support, OneNote is now available for the aforementioned platforms in addition to the Mac, Android devices, iOS devices and Windows (i.e., non-Windows 8 systems).

Up to this point, the desktop version of OneNote 2013 was a paid product within the Office suite of productivity software. It's worth pointing out, however, that the new free version doesn't include all of the features found in the paid version. While all of the core features are there, those interested in SharePoint support, version history and Outlook integration will still need to upgrade to the paid model.

The OneNote service now provides a cloud API - available via - which allows any application to connect to it. There are also a handful of new features available including OneNote Clipper, a e-mail feature and Office Lens. The latter is a Windows Phone app that Microsoft likens to having a scanner in your pocket.

In a blog post on the matter, Partner Group Program manager David Rasmussen said that when they started OneNote, they set out to revolutionize the way people capture, annotate and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their lives. Today is a huge step forward for the service, he said, adding that they've made it easier to use OneNote no matter what platform you're on.