Tough financial times continue for Sprint. Following through with restructuring plans that were first announced in January, the carrier is shutting down several lower-performing retail stores and slashing the number of employees able to perform repairs and refurbish phones for resale.

Specifically, the struggling wireless provider is laying off 330 technical consultants and is closing 150 service and repair centers across the US. Sprint is also closing down the 55 worst-performing retail stores according to a company representative as reported by CNET.

This is in addition to the 1,550 customer service jobs that got the axe earlier this week as the company decided to close three customer care call centers and reduce operations at three others. The call centers that shut down were located in Orlando, Florida; Temple, Texas; and Sacramento, California.

Naturally, one would associate the closing of so many stores and the reduction in customer support staff and technical consultants as a blow against customer service. According to Sprint representative Mark Bonavia, however, that isn’t exactly the case.

Bonavia said they wanted to drive traffic to service and repair centers that were strong and close ones that didn’t operate as well. As such, the job cuts and closures were designed with minimal disturbance to customers. Those with service needs that can’t be taken care of at their near-by retail store will be referred to a sister store that’s no further than a 45-minute drive, the rep noted.