Twitter may have recently killed off its dedicated music discovery service but that doesn't mean the microblogging platform is done with tunes completely. On Thursday, the company announced an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Billboard to help deliver the first phase of their new music strategy.

The duo will produce a new tool known as the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart capable of tracking discussions of artists, albums and tracks both as they happen and over time. That data will be fed to charts that are updated daily with the goal of reshaping the way music success is measured. Apparently sales figures and Billboard's traditional methods are no longer enough.

The effort represents the first-ever real-time charts for Billboard but it isn't the first social outing for the rankings company. Over the years, Billboard has added a number of social-themed features like the Social 50 as well as the addition of YouTube and Spotify streaming numbers into the Hot 100.

Twitter also has some experience in ratings thanks to a partnership with Nielsen to measure a television program's reach within the Twitterverse. That service was first announced in late 2012 and went live last October.

The charts will live on and will be shared multiple times a week via Billboard's Twitter account thanks to a separate Twitter Amplify partnership. The duo says the charts will go live in the coming weeks.