New reports suggest that Yahoo is interested in its own original television programming, adding to the list of tech companies getting into the TV industry like Amazon and Netflix. Previous reports suggested that Microsoft was going into production on original shows, and a now a report from The Wall Street Journal is saying that company President and CEO Marissa Mayer wants Yahoo to launch its rumored new video service with some original programming of its own.

Mayer wants well known TV show creators to produce four original shows. This wouldn't be the first time Yahoo has funded original programming, but will be the first time the company has undertaken a complete TV series.

Sources close to the matter told the WSJ we are talking about 10-episode seasons each with a budget between $700,000 and a up to a few million dollars, which is approaching the average price on a major network show. We will have to wait a little bit longer for more details, Yahoo is reportedly set to officially announce the shows at an event on April 28th.

As Mayer and company set to prepare announcements for Yahoo's upcoming line-up, we already know Microsoft has six shows of its own in production. Some of which include a science fiction show, a soccer reality show and a comedy series with Sarah Silverman and Seth Green. Along with a Halo series from Steven Spielberg (executive producer), Microsoft, like Yahoo, believes original content will bring a wider audience to its streaming platform.