Dropbox on Wednesday announced Dropbox for Business, a new product that caters to working professionals that also want to use their account for personal stuff. It'll compete directly with a number of competitors with similar offerings such as OneDrive for Business and products from Box.

Up to this point, users with a personal and a work account had just that - two separate accounts. They would have to switch between the two by logging out of one and using separate credentials to access the other.

Today's announcement eliminates that headache and merges the two together so both Dropboxes are easily accessible under one login. It's a feature that has been available to beta testers for some time now but as of today, it's available to everyone else.

Dropbox also announced a new collaborative effort called Project Harmony that allows two people to look at a shared document and make tweaks in real-time. It works with Microsoft Office apps including Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

To demonstrate the feature, they showed a PowerPoint presentation being shared by two individuals where both were able to chat and make changes without having to re-download the file. It'll be available starting later this year.

The company also revealed they now have more than 275 million users, a healthy increase over the 200 million signups announced back in November. What's more, Dropbox employs close to 700 people now - not bad for a service that launched in 2008.

To wrap things up Dropbox annouced new mobile apps for Mailbox, a service which the company adquired a while back. The new version introduces an auto-swipe feature that learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions, and marks the arrival of the popular service to Android for the first time. Download links for either platform are available here.

A private beta of Mailbox for Mac is also launching today; you can sign up for early access by dropping a line to mailbox-support@dropbox.com.