Aereo’s date with the Supreme Court is less than two weeks out but that isn’t stopping the company from pressing forward. On Thursday, Aereo announced that its users will be able to watch and record live television using Google’s Chromecast starting on May 29.

In order to use Aereo’s technology with Chromecast, users will need to download the Aereo app for Android in the Google Play Store. From there, simply connect the Chromecast to your TV, launch Aereo and the “cast” icon will appear in the app.

In a statement on the matter, Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia said the way people watch and experience television is changing and Google is a pioneer in providing consumers with more choice and flexibility in how they access and experience media.

Don’t get too excited just yet, however, as Aereo still has a huge hurdle to overcome with its Supreme Court proceedings that get under way on April 22. A number of broadcasters have sued the company since 2012 citing copyright infringement based on the way the service and technology works. They’ve stayed afloat thus far with mostly favorable rulings but the future is still very much uncertain.

Aereo backer and chairman of the IAC, Barry Diller, recently said during an interview that if they lose the case, they’re finished. Sure, it’s possible that there’s some salvage but he couldn’t see any path forward and they would probably not be able to continue in business.