If the current crop of smartwatches isn't to your liking, perhaps this truly smart watch on Kickstarter will fit the bill. It's called the Cesium 133 and is the world's first wristwatch powered by a cesium-based oscillator... or in other words, it's an atomic clock strapped to your wrist.

If being punctual is your thing, this could be the time piece for you as it's described as the world's most accurate wristwatch. Inside is a chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC) that precisely divides a second into exactly 9,192,631,770 vibrations of the cesium 133 atom.

That's the exact scientific definition of a second by the International System of Units so you can bet it's accurate. Dr. John Patterson, owner of Bathys Hawaii, claims the watch is accurate to one second over the course of 1,000 years.

The current prototype is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that's capable of running up to 30 hours depending on operating mode. It uses a traditional analog dial display that showcases hours, minutes, seconds, the date and the current moon phase.

The project has already surpassed its $42,000 funding goal and there's still 26 days left. As you can imagine, owning such a high-tech watch isn't cheap. You'll need to pledge $6,000 to be one of the first to receive a Cesium 133 prototype watch. At present, there are only two left at this price so if fancy watches are your thing, you better get on it now.