Minecraft's upcoming 1.8 update adds a new level of customization to a game that's already tailored to those wanting to build their own world. The problem was that up to this point, gamers were stuck working with whatever canvas the game randomly generated for them. Not anymore.

The update will allow gamers to edit the terrain generator before a new map is constructed. There are a ton of sliders to adjust that dictate whether or not to include basic content such as lava, oceans, villages, dungeons and lakes.

Those with a knack for modding will appreciate some of the more advanced adjustable features like "Main Noise Scale X/Y/Z" and "Biome Scale Weight." Your guess is as good as mine as to what these options actually do. In total, there are three full pages of sliders to adjust - or in other words, more than enough options to keep you busy.

If you aren't up to the task of creating your own unique world, you can always let Mojang do it for you. The developer is supplying more than half a dozen presets in the update if you just want to jump right into the blocky action. Available options include Water World, Isle Land, Caver's Delight, Mountain Madness, Drought, Caves of Chaos and Good Luck.

Mojang has not yet set a release date for the update although last month, developer Jens Bergensten estimated it would be ready sometime in May. If you haven't given Minecraft a try yet, you can download the latest version here.