Last year Opera Software debuted Coast on iPad, and now the browser has come to iPhone. With a strong focus on minimalist design and gesture based devices, Opera set out to modernize mobile browsing next to some pretty heavy competition.

Coast features a two button design leaving almost all of the screen open for content. On top of the deeply integrated gesture control, it also features the bookmark grid with customizable background like Opera Mini, along with typical site suggestions and autocomplete functionality.

Up against Apple's Safari and Google's Android browsers, it makes sense for the Norwegian company to offer its latest tech to the large iPhone user base as well. "Getting an iPhone version is the first thing that people ask us," Coast project lead, Huib Kleinhout said. The company brings in revenue via serving up ads in its browsers, and will likely bolster earnings with the availability of the handset version of Coast.

Opera's browsers are the fourth most popular mobile search tools right now, according to reports. Google's Android browser has a 26% share, followed by Safari at 22%, Google Chrome at 14% and finally Opera browsers which account for about 13% of mobile browser usage.