Google Glass likely has enough capability to become a mainstream success in its current form but the one thing it is lacking is style. Sure, it looks pretty slick for a gadget worn on your face but it still carries the aesthetics of a gadget worn on your face.

To help with that stigma, Google has hired fashion veteran Ivy Ross as the team lead for Glass. In a Google+ post on the matter, Ross expressed her excitement in joining the Glass team and outlined some of the questions the headset needs to tackle moving forward.

Ross has extensive experience in the fashion industry, having previously worked with big name brands like Coach, Mattel, Gap, Calvin Klein, Swatch and most recently, While at, Ross oversaw marketing, merchandising, branding, user experience and product management. She also spent some time at Bausch & Lomb which will no doubt give her a leg up on working with Google's eyewear.

Wearable technology is being billed as the next big thing but thus far, the current crop of devices has been rather uninspiring. Google created quite a stir when it unveiled Glass at its annual developers conference in 2012 but since that time, the public conversation his shifted from keen interest to concerns over privacy.

Ross will start on Monday and will replace Babak Parviz as Glass team leader.