Want to land a high paying job with plenty of perks? Company-review site Glassdoor's list of the top 25 companies for compensation and benefits offers some good insights on where you should be setting your sights on. Their 2014 report includes 12 tech firms with Google leading the charge overall.

The search giant scored 4.4 out of 5 in Glassdoor's ranking system and an average base salary of $128,000 for its software engineers. Employees reported high satisfaction with not only pay, but also benefits packages and perks like free food or company-wide, and a 95% approval rating of its CEO.

Facebook ranked third with average software engineer salaries at $120,000 and the highest ratings for its senior management and internal career opportunities. Adobe, Epic Systems, Intuit and Salesforce all made the top ten while Microsoft took the 18th spot below Qualcomm and VMWare.

The rankings for compensation and benefits are based on anonymous employee survey data and only includes those with a minimum of 75 ratings from current and former U.S.-based employees in the year through April 9.

Some non-tech companies on the list include Costco and Chevron. Notably absent from the top 25 are a few big names like Apple, Intel and Amazon.

There are quite a few interesting accounts from employees detailing what they like and dislike about the companies they work for. Although this is the first compensation and benefits list from Glassdoor, the site also has info on the highest rated CEOs and even which firms ask the weirdest interview questions.