One of the gadgets Thermaltake was showing off shortly before Computex 2014 commenced, at the opening International Press Conference, is a portable charging station called the P-Mega, which boasts a huge 41,600 mAh LG-made battery inside.

It's hard to describe the P-Mega as small: it's a pretty sizable cube that definitely won't fit inside your pocket, plus the massive battery makes the whole unit weigh just under a kilogram. The idea is not that you'll carry it around on a daily basis, but that you might bring it on a long trip where power points aren't necessarily easy to come by.

The P-Mega is able to charge six devices at once, three through 10 watt (5V 2A) USB ports, and another three through 5 watt (5V 1A) USB ports. It also comes with an LED "mood light" around the top edge, which adds some flare to an otherwise bland grey cube.

Thermaltake's P-Mega is already selling as the LUXA2 P-Mega charging station, which will set you back just under $130. I'll be checking out Thermaltake's Computex booth at a later stage, where there should be some more products to highlight from the company.