After 3D never really took off, the next big thing for displays is 4K, and like with all immature technologies, being an early adopter will usually cost you an arm and a leg. Or maybe not, with Monoprice gearing up to release a 28-inch monitor that packs a reasonable price tag.

Not much is known specification-wise about the panel, other than it's 28-inches in size and comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, or 157 pixels per inch. There's no word on whether this is a 60 Hz panel or whether it's single tile, although as it's branded as a gaming monitor you'd hope it was 60 Hz.

Connectivity-wise you'll find three HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. According to CNET, the monitor is reasonably slim and looks okay with a brushed metal bottom panel, in contrast to most plastic budget monitors.

Most importantly, Monoprice expects to sell their Ultra HD monitor for somewhere between $550 and $600, which will be cheaper than other displays of this kind. Samsung sells a 60 Hz 4K 28-inch monitor for $690, while Dell has a 30 Hz model available for just under $600. Pre-orders for the monitor will begin in July, with a release expected sometime in the third quarter of this year.