The Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector is back on the market following a two-month hiatus. Best yet, the device returns at a cheaper price point than before - perhaps to make up for the fact that one of its key features is still disabled?

If you recall (no pun intended), Nest suspended sales of its Protect alarm back in April after extensive testing revealed Nest Wave, a feature that allows the user to silence an alarm by standing under it and waving their arms, could lead to accidental deactivation in the event of a real emergency.

An official "recall" of nearly half a million devices took place a month and a half later. Nest pushed out a software update that disabled Nest Wave and prevented people from turning it back on although those with lingering doubts were allowed to return the detector for a full refund.

Nest is reportedly still looking for a solution but at present, all new Nest Protect devices sold will include the aforementioned update that cripples Nest Wave.

The good news is that you can pick up the device for just $99, down from the $129 price tag at launch. That's a solid price even without one of its flagship features as the Protect is positioned in the market between a regular smoke detector and a connected device that is monitored by a third-party, such as an alarm company.

It's the second major release from Nest, the first of course being the company's lauded Nest Learning Thermostat.