There's no denying that smartphones have become an integral part of today's society but for nearly half of those questioned in a recent survey, the device is a downright necessity.

According to a recent survey released by Bank of America, 47 percent of US consumers admit they wouldn't last a day without their smartphone. But just how important is the device compared to other staples of daily life?

Overall, the survey found that 91 percent of respondents said the smartphone is just as important as their car and is significantly more important than coffee and television. Smartphones finished third only behind personal hygiene and the Internet in terms of importance although those aged 18-24 found it more important than deodorant and even their toothbrush.

When asked what they would give up to regain access to their mobile phone, 79 percent said they would readily give up guilty pleasures like alcohol and chocolate. Elsewhere, 79 percent of those surveyed also said they were just as concerned about losing their personal contacts as they are about identity / security information.

As you may have guessed coming from Bank of America, the survey also asked several questions as it relates to mobile banking. In this area, 62 percent of US consumers said they've tried mobile banking and 47 percent said they prefer to bank online versus going to a local branch. As such, 16 percent of people said they haven't even visited a bank branch within the past six months.