YouTube's upcoming music subscription service has been hit with yet another setback. Chris LaRosa, YouTube's product manager in charge of music, is parting ways with Google at the end of the week to join an undisclosed startup according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The write-up claims LaRosa decided to leave in part because he was frustrated that YouTube hasn't yet been able to launch its long-delayed music subscription service, tentatively known as YouTube Music Pass. Sources say the first internal version of the service was developed more than a year ago.

Last year, former music boss Nikhil Chandhok departed from a similar position according to his LinkedIn profile.

Those familiar with the matter say the delays stem from disputes over how the service should be designed, what features YouTube should charge users for and how it should fit into YouTube as a whole. All of this is in addition to recent disputes with major and independent record labels over licensing.

The Music Pass app will be ad-free and allow subscribers to keep listening to music even if they switch to another app. What's more, YouTube is said to be working on the ability to store tunes for offline listening - or in other words, it'll pretty much function like other paid music streaming services.

Google is expected to introduce the service sometime in the next few months although no solid date has been announced.

No word yet on who will be replacing LaRosa.