Hilton Worldwide has been investing heavily in upgrading its various hotel locations with smart features and it plans to continue to do so with even more extensive smartphone integration. By 2016, all Hilton (and Hilton owned) hotel locations will offer customers the ability to use their smartphones as room keys. Hilton plans to  have the tech implemented across all 4,100 of its business locations within the next two years.

While it will still be some time before we see the end of the classic plastic card solution, The Wall Street Journal reports that customers will be able to check-in as well as book and choose specific rooms (along with location previews) within the next month or so. 

While certainly not the most unique technology, Hilton feels its jump to being a fully smart device friendly destination will pull it ahead of its competitors. However, competitors like Starwood feel the same way and have already begun looking at similar technologies. We reported earlier this year that Starwood was launching a smartphone door key pilot program in Manhattan and Cupertino.

According to reports, the company has already dished out $550 million on becoming more of a tech friendly business over the last 7 years with as much as tens of millions into the smartphone check-in proposition. Already in place across many locations, it sounds like it wont be long before features like this come standard with any vacation or hotel stay.