Motorola's anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch will finally gets its proper introduction and debut at an upcoming launch event. Along with other device appearances, we will finally get our first full look at the Moto 360 on September 4th in Chicago.

We have got several teases thus far, including a short appearance at the Google I/O conference in June, but many are still waiting for more info and a release date for the circular-faced smartwatch.

As for the other devices that may make an appearance, it sounds as though we could be seeing updated versions of Motorola's current gen smartphones as well. On an invitation/teaser site for the upcoming event, images of a Moto X and G along with some kind of audio accessory are seen, suggesting we could be seeing new models of both the popular smartphones along with what some are suggesting could be a Bluetooth headset. Motorola has confirmed that there will be other devices making an appearance at the launch event.

Even though the Moto 360 may have made the biggest impression at Google I/O compared to Samsung and LG options, there are several other launch events expected to take place in this time frame. Both Apple and Samsung, who are expected to be showing off new flagship devices, will be vying for consumer attention in September as well.