T-Mobile is causing chaos in the wireless industry once again. Outspoken CEO John Legere on Thursday announced a new campaign in which the carrier will give free unlimited LTE data for a full year to anyone that refers a friend to T-Mobile from rival carriers AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

The offer also applies to the newcomer at no additional charge.

In the event that you already have unlimited LTE data with T-Mobile, the carrier will instead offer up a $10 credit each month for the next year - a $120 value.

The promotion goes into effect next Friday, August 29. To apply, existing T-Mobile customers simply need to report their referral over on the company's referral page. You'll need to enter your phone number and your friend's number they've ported over and do so within 30 days of the newcomer's activation to qualify.

The offer is limited to one $10 monthly credit or unlimited LTE offer per referrer account.

While the deal applies to newcomers from all of the major carriers, T-Mobile primarily called out Sprint in its press release. That's because the carrier, under new CEO Marcelo Claure, has been making waves of his own in the wireless industry.

Earlier this week, Sprint introduced an attractive new family plan that'll connect up to 10 lines for just $100 per month. Earlier today, the nation's third largest wireless provider announced a $60 unlimited plan which is a full $20 cheaper than T-Mobile's unlimited offering.