Scientists in California are working on a fast new Internet connection system, "Fast TCP system", that could enable an entire movie to be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Watch maker Fossil has denied that the US release of its Palm OS-based Wrist PDA watch-cum-personal organiser has been delayed until early next year. Like we reported last week however, it has been confirmed that overseas customers will have to wait until Q1 2004.

In a somewhat related note, Microsoft has revealed details of its wireless service for personal devices called "SPOT", as it tests the network prior to the availability of products due in the fall. Aforementioned, Fossil is working on a 'Spot' watch.

Despite of certain rumours, ATI has denied they will stop selling own-branded videocards and will continue to supply the whole range of its graphics cards, Radeons as well as All-in-Wonder's and FireGL products.

AOL and MSN could come along, as part of last week's broad anti-trust litigation settlement, the two rivals agreed to discuss making their messaging systems work together, so there is a possiblity of having ICQ, AIM and MSN instant messenger services being compatible sometime in the future... in the meantime I will keep using Trillian...