The HTC One M8 for Windows, besides being a mouthful to say, very well may be the most highly anticipated Windows Phone of the year. While the Lumia line has had its fair share of devices released this year, none have been anything to stand out like, for example, the Lumia 1020.

The Lumia range is a mix of polycarbonate plastic and metal whereas the M8 is all metal and all gorgeous. The M8 is a stunning Windows Phone, while HTC may have had a few struggles lately, there is no doubt that they can build quality hardware.

This is also the first phone that has identical hardware that can run both Android or Windows Phone and early results show that Windows Phone does best Android in at least one area; battery life.

Another thing to consider is that this device shows that even though Microsoft bought Nokia's smartphone business unit, HTC is not going to shy away from Windows Phone even though it now directly competes with Microsoft. Of course, Windows Phone is now free for HTC to use, so it's not like they are funding Microsoft's mobile efforts by building a Windows Phone.

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