Microsoft has announced an update to Skype for Xbox One, version 1.8, which introduces several new features including the ability to view photos from mobile devices, enhanced Snap functionality, and more.

Starting with this release, Skype users on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS mobile devices will be able to share photos with Skype for Xbox One users either in a 1:1 or group chat. In case there are multiple photos being shared, you can start a slide show to view all the photos, right on your large screen.

In addition, Skype for Xbox One now also lets you answer a call in Snap mode, which the company announced a few months ago, while using other apps with voice controls. This means that if you get a Skype call while watching TV or playing a game, all you have to do is to say "Xbox answer," and the call will automatically Snap, and won't interrupt your TV or gaming experience. You can also answer a Skype call in full screen, if you so choose.

Finally, the new update also lets you preview messages, view recent and favorite contacts, and make calls directly from Skype in Snap mode.