Many have questioned how well Apple tested its new iPhone 6 Plus after reports surfaced about the new device getting bent and staying that way. To answer those questions, Apple invited a number of media outlets to its testing facility to get more details and an up close look at its process.

Apple says it smashed over 30,000 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models before setting them out into the wild. According to reports each iPhone went though 5 different levels of stress tests. The device gets spun back and forth more than 8,000 times while restrained on both ends. Apple also has one test where it places pressure on the middle of the phone in different ways at weights of up to 25 kilos, followed by a similar test of the middle of the phone's display.

In addition to that, Apple also ran the new devices through a series of more practical tests including ensuring iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can handle being placed in the back pocket of a slim pair of jeans, among other things. Reports suggest Apple allows a select group of employees to take them home in order to test them in real world applications as well.

Apparently the series of iPhone 6 models that remained bent were due to an excessive amount force, seemingly more than Apple tested for. Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio told Re/code if a user applies a massive amount of pressure, the phone's shape can "take a set." When asked about any other bending complaints for iPhone 6, the svp simply stated the company eventually gets complaints about all its products, but that it does't happen very often. 

You can take a quick tour of Apple's iPhone 6 test facilities below, courtesy of Re/code: