WebOS has had many homes throughout its life, first starting off as a smartphone OS at Palm, before it was sold to HP in 2010. A few years after its acquisition by HP and subsequent abandoning, LG began using the OS for its smart TVs. Now, it's destined for a new home.

A developer website popped up recently suggesting that LG is looking at using webOS on smartwatches. The page, which has since been taken down, reveals that there will be a software development kit for their webOS smartwatch platform, allowing devs to create apps as one would expect. LG claims the new OS will make their smartwatches "more powerful with a Web-centric platform".

Although LG is already firmly in the Android Wear market with the G Watch and the upcoming G Watch R, the company appears to be looking for a second smartwatch platform to push. This would create a similar situation to Samsung, which sells Tizen-based smartwatches that work exclusively with Samsung handsets as well as Android Wear devices.

There is no word on when LG may officially reveal webOS for smartwatches, but an announcement doesn't appear too far away. When the OS was used on smartphones it had some interesting ideas and concepts that could translate well to a watch platform, such as card-based multi-tasking, so it'll certainly be interesting to see what LG does with it.