The Moto 360 is by far the classiest wearable out right now. Although looks are always a matter of opinion, I think that this smart watch generates a certain intrigue by the wearer when viewed by onlookers. The Moto 360 is stylish, simple, and functional. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel; it merely infuses it with a bit of technology, making it the first connected timepiece

The Moto 360 is available in two colors: Dark and Light stainless steel. While these are the official color titles, what this essentially boils down to is a black and silver bezel option. Each color option will come with a color matched leather watch band. Personally, I gravitated towards the more subtle option and opted to purchase the dark model. One thing to note, the watch is not yet available with a metal band, but it will be later in the year and you will have the option to purchase the band separately.

The dark model has a black steel housing, black Horween leather strap, and black clasp. The only aesthetic deviation from the "all black" look is a hint of gold trim that surrounds the button located at the 3'oclock position. The underside or belly is made of plastic and houses an optical heart rate sensor.

The watch is circular with a casing that measures in at 46mm in diameter with a depth of 11.5mm. Although, I'm not a watch connoisseur or have a large collection of watches, from what I own, the Moto 360 seems like a standard size. I understand that watches come in all different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, but for me, the watch feels great on the wrist. 

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