Personally, I tend to use the time at the end of the summer, as fall sets in, to catch up on playing some games I didn't have time for at release. While it may just be my tastes, there hasn't been a major console/PC release that really grabbed my attention in the past months. While impressive looking, Destiny's MMO like shooter experience just doesn't sit well with my thirst for stealthy and thoughtful gameplay (and my anti-social gaming behaviors), so I decided to look into some interesting titles I haven't got around to playing.

After months and months of playing around at Camp Omega in MGS V: Ground Zeroes, I think its time I try Watch Dogs out and see how long I can last in Dark Souls 2. As a complete Souls noob, I'm both excited and terrified. Reviews suggest it is a much more tame experience than previous entries, but I'm still a little worried the standard combat may be a little too difficult for me.

So for this week's open forum we want to know what you're playing right now and if you have suggestions for must-play titles we may have missed out on. What do you play when the new releases aren't catching your attention? Do you try stuff a little outside your comfort zone or go back to the classics?