The use of suction cups to attach electronic devices to our windshields can be traced back to the use of radar detectors. Third-party GPS units adopted the same mounting mechanism and now that those have largely been replaced by our smartphones, suction cups just seem like the obvious choice to hold our handsets.

Radar detectors were originally mounted on the windshield out of necessity. Smartphones, however, don’t rely on line-of-sight yet we still mount them there out of habit. Truth be told, mounting your handset on the windshield is dangerous as it blocks your field of view and is even illegal in many states. There’s got to be a better way!

A company called Radmo currently seeking funding on Indiegogo has come up with a clever product by the same name that they believe is the perfect mobile phone mount for your car. Instead of using bulky suction cups, Radmo takes advantage of an underutilized portion of your car’s console to hold your mobile device: the CD player.

Radmo slides into your car’s CD player and is adjustable to fit most any smartphone, mini-tablet or GPS. It’s made of infused nylon that’s durable enough to “last for years.” Best yet, you can still use your CD player while Radmo is in place although I suspect many have already moved on to streaming music.

The Indiegogo campaign has raised more than $96,000 as of writing with 18 days remaining. Several of the early bird award tiers have already sold out so you’ll need to invest at least $20 to get in on the action.

Units are expected to ship to backers next month.