Intel has recently posted their quarterly revenue report for Q3 2014, revealing "best-ever revenue and strong profits" according to CEO Brian Krzanich. The company boasted that they managed to ship 100 million chips in a single quarter for the first time, which helped drive revenue in key segments.

Overall, Intel managed $14.6 billion in revenue for Q3 2014 with profit of $3.3 billion, up 8% and 12% respectively over the same period last year. The strongest gains were seen in the Internet of Things Group, which jumped 14% in revenue quarter-on-quarter. Intel would also be happy with results from the PC client group, which posted 9% higher revenue thanks to strong PC shipments.

Intel also saw gains in their data center and software groups, and would be particularly happy with a significant increase in profit from the latter. 

However, mobile and communications continues to be an area where Intel struggles. The company hasn't seen a significant take-up of their Atom chips in smartphones and tablets, posting revenue for the quarter of just $1 million alongside a huge $1.04 billion operating loss.

This lack of profit and revenue in the mobile space could be due to Intel's aggressive deals and promotions, where the company hands out cash to companies such as Asus to guarantee their chips are featured in all of their products.

That said, strong performance in the PC market, which people have incorrectly claimed has been dying for years now, should be enough to satisfy the company in the short term. Next quarter Intel is expecting revenue around $14.2-15.2 billion, again an increase from the same period last year.